Monday, July 2, 2007

Welcome to Isaac Jordan


I've created this blog to facilitate discussion on the novel. There are posts for each of the chapters. If you've got comments or ideas on any one of the chapters, just leave a comment on that Chapter. Then there's a post for some overall or miscellaneous issues. Don't feel obligated to comment on all or any of the posts -- I just thought this might be the only way to get discussion going with family members residing all over the country. If your criticisms are truly criticism, don't hold them back so long as they're constructive. I've got thick enough skin.

I'm looking forward to searching for agents or publishes, but I figure I've only got half a chance to pitch it to any of them; thus I hope to take your criticisms and make the novel the best it possibly can be.

Feel free to share the hard copy with anyone -- especially someone who might steal it and who knows how to get books published. I've already registered the copyright, and I've always said that I know how to sue people -- just don't know how to get a book deal. (My lawyer told me to make a disclaimer that I didn't just issue an invitation to steal my book. Please don't steal my book! (But if you do, make sure you make a lot of money on it -- think of all the publicity we could generate together when I sue.)) But seriously folks, if anyone sees you enjoying the manuscript and says, "Hey, where can I get a copy of that awesome book?" feel free to pass it along -- just try and keep tabs where it's at.

Many of you who've already started reading have commented on the autobiographical nature of the work. It's true -- I never told people about my father's antigravity discovery and about my nights crusing the airspace above Phoenix in my Superman suit. Beyond that, the characters in this work are purely fictional and were not intended to represent, reflect upon, or upset anyone in the real world. Any similarities between any characters and real people are entirely coincidental.

It's been fun to write it, and I hope it's fun for everyone to read it. But, if you find that it's absolutely no fun to read -- if, in fact, you don't read it, but sit on that manuscript for weeks, months, let me know. I'm sure the genre is not for everyone. I'd be happy to pick up any unread manuscripts and pass them on to a more likely reader. No offense taken.

On that happy note, enjoy the read.

Chapter 1: Falling Into Heaven

Chapter 2: Camping

Chapter 3: Jumping the Flume

Chapter 4: Summer Assignment and Revelation

Friday, June 22, 2007

Chapter 25: The Setting Sun

Chapter 26: Reconciling

Chapter 27: Wind and Stars


This post is your opportunity to comment on any miscellaneous items, such as:

• What did you think of the book overall?

• Did the themes of the fall (up or down), revelation, science, the interplay of revelation and science, coming of age, relationships, pride, flying, etc. jive with the Greek mythology/Mormon doctrine packaging?

• Were there issues of my writing style -- mechanics or substance -- that worked or didn't work for you?

• Was it paced well?

• Did you want to turn the page?

• Did you feel for the characters?

• Who would you say is the audience for this book?

• If you had to give a twenty-word synopsis of the book, what would it be?

• Publishing tips?